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Outsourcing Your IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

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There are plenty of people who can help with your IT. You can do it yourself. Delegate the task to someone in the office.  Or Google ‘Tech support near me” to see if there’s someone nearby who’s handy with network configuration.

If you’re in need of more comprehensive support, you may have already whittled down your search to a couple of options – maybe between an IT support company and a managed service provider (MSP). If you do, it’s important to know the difference between the two.

On the face of it, an IT support company may look like an MSP. They both provide IT support to small and medium sized businesses and enterprises (SMBs/SMEs). But there is one key difference.

An IT support company only provides help when something breaks or goes wrong. An MSP, like Techsolve, not only looks after your technology, crucially, it takes a proactive approach to IT.

Proactive IT support

Rather than waiting for something to break or shut down, MSPs do their best to ensure their customers don’t get hit with tech issues in the first place. This is a fundamental difference in the way we approach tech support for our clients.

And that difference is evident from the very first moment we meet someone for the first time. Getting to know them and getting to know their business is important to us because it has a bearing on the creation and implementation of a bespoke IT support strategy.

Providing full coverage of an IT estate

Once we understand your business and how it operates, our next task is to carry out an audit to see exactly what you have – and what you might need.

This is to ensure that the existing IT estate is fit for purpose and running well. It may even mean resolving some issues from a previous IT supplier or a poorly managed IT fix. Either way, our job is to see that all devices, licences, operating systems, and networks are up to scratch to ensure that the entire IT estate is fully functioning and optimised.

This work – which is a combination of a tech audit and IT planning meeting – provides the solid foundation our clients need to run their businesses.

Making IT business as usual

Once this work is underway, it’s then time to move to the next phase of providing ongoing monitoring and management of systems and applications.

As well as round-the-clock monitoring, we hold quarterly business meetings to review performance, highlight any new issues, and kick-off new IT projects that may be necessary to meet the needs of a growing business.

That’s the difference between “IT support” and a proactive MSP – we take a real interest in our clients’ businesses and how they function. It means that companies that use us can concentrate on running their businesses rather than worry about whether their IT is up to the task of underpinning a modern business.

And it’s why MSPs like Techsolve forge long-term relationships with their clients to ensure their IT is optimised, monitored and secure. It’s the level of proactive service you would expect from an MSP. And it’s the level of service every customer receives from us at Techsolve.

If you want to talk about how we can help improve your IT and save money, you can contact us here.