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IT System & Networking Monitoring

Prevent costly business IT infrastructure downtime with 24/7 system and network monitoring from Techsolve. 

Our IT monitoring service constantly exams your software, hardware and networks, alerting our highly experienced IT technicians to issues before they cause serious problems for your business. From spotting simple issues with cloud based systems that can slow productivity, to being instantly notified of hacking attempts, our IT system monitoring services keep your business online and your data secure. 


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Our IT Monitoring Services

  • Real-time and trends system monitoring
  • Hardware and software analysis
  • Monitoring of your servers, networks and bandwidth
  • Backup and storage monitoring and protection
  • Regular IT infrastructure examinations
  • 24/7 cybersecurity
  • Cloud system monitoring
  • On-site IT system and network support for London based businesses
  • And all your other business IT needs.

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Is IT Monitoring Right For Your Business?

More and more companies are investing in Digital Transformation and expanding their IT infrastructure to future-proof their business, improve productivity, and enhance customer relations. However, keeping these systems running, and protecting them from cyber-criminals, has its own unique challenges. 

This is where a monitoring service is invaluable. A good IT system monitoring service prevents incidents happening in the first place and when problems do occur they can be easily identified, saving lengthy downtime.
Having IT experts keep a watchful eye over your business’s crucial software and network applications can be an indispensable time and money saver for businesses of any size.

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How Our IT Monitoring Services Work 

Here at Techsolve, our thorough IT system monitoring service continuously examines your business’s entire IT infrastructure to check if systems are online, operating to their full potential, and monitors for security breaches. This includes the monitoring of:

  • All software applications
  • Hardware systems, including all employee workstations, laptops and mobile devices
  • Network and bandwidth usage
  • Your cloud systems
  • Backup and data storage protocols

Having 24/7 monitoring of these systems allows our IT engineers to address issues as they arise, preventing lengthy downtimes and keeping productivity flowing.

Real-Time System Monitoring

Our IT technicians use remote monitoring software allowing them to get real-time tracking data for continuous feedback on your business’s network overall performance. This real-time monitoring increases your business’s data security, network performance, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.
We benchmark your systems so we know when anomalies arise so we can take preventative action before a minor problem turns into a critical one. 

With our event logs and real-time reporting, our technicians can find the root cause of any security incidents and system errors when they do happen, helping them fix issues quicker.

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Cloud Services Monitoring

Techsolve’s IT system monitoring service also covers your business’s cloud services and software applications. We are able to monitor these systems daily to ensure they are operating normally to minimise bottlenecks in your daily operations. If issues do occur, we can work with the cloud service providers for you to get these systems running as soon as possible.

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Network Protection & Cybersecurity

With 24/7 network monitoring we ensure your business’s fundamental digital and data security needs are met. We help keep your IT systems safe from a wide range of cyber risks like virus, ransomware, data leaks, malware, and more.

Real-time network tracking alerts our team to any cybersecurity breaches as soon as they happen, so we can act fast to keep your business protected.

Find out more about our Cybersecurity Services.

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Why Choose Techsolve

We have been helping small businesses and commercial property owners in Central London since 2006. Our dedicated team of IT experts have vast experience across a wide range of industries and always provide bespoke software advice that works for your unique business needs. 



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