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Cyber Security Awareness Training

As IT systems grow more complex and attacks from cyber criminals grow more sophisticated it’s vital that employees are aware of the latest cyber security protocols to keep a business’s data safe.

Our cybersecurity awareness training offers both basic and advanced education to all your employees so they know the online threats they face. Educating staff members to follow digital security best practices helps your business avoid data breaches, viruses, and keeps you GDPR compliant.

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What Our Cyber & Data Security Training Covers

  • Basic to advanced cybersecurity training for employees
  • Data security best practices
  • Using secure passwords and data protection
  • Identifying email and phone phishing scams
  • Spotting computer viruses, malware, and other online threats
  • How to use company software and hardware safely outside the office
  • Reporting incidents to help safeguard co-workers
  • GDPR compliance guidelines and data protection regulations within your industry
  • And all your other business IT needs. 

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What Is Digital Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training educates employees to the digital threats they will face while doing their daily tasks - from simple email attachments to sophisticated phone scams. By making employees aware of the lengths cyber criminals go to gain access to sensitive data businesses can avoid breaches that can have catastrophic long term effects.

Having all your staff members undertake cybersecurity awareness training teaches them how to spot viruses before they’re downloaded to your systems, identify phishing and other digital scams, spot malware, report incidents to help safeguard co-workers, and follow IT best practices and your company’s data protection policies. 

Awareness training also educates employees to adhere to UK data privacy laws including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). 

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Why Awareness Training Is Important For Your Business

As your business expands its IT infrastructure the more it’s at risk to cyberattacks and data breaches. Hackers especially like to target smaller businesses whose digital security budgets are lower than larger corporations. Having employees knowledgeable these digital threats is important in keeping your business operational and in compliance with UK data laws. 

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. This makes a lack of employee digital security knowhow the chink in your cybersecurity armour. Security awareness training prevents cyber criminals from targeting this weak spot - keeping all the data you store within your IT systems safe.

Basic To Advanced Cyber Security Training Levels

Here at Techsolve we provide various levels of security awareness training for your staff members. We tailor the training to individual employee needs so they’re prepared for the digital threats they’ll come into contact with day to day.

Basic To Advanced Cyber Security Training Levels

  • Terminology and the types cybersecurity threats
  • User access, creating strong passwords, and two-factor authentication
  • Email security best practices
  • Malware and prevention
  • Firewalls and network security best practices
  • GDPR and PCI DSS compliance
  • Digital risk assessments 

Advanced training

  • In-depth identification of vulnerabilities
  • Safeguarding cloud-based applications
  • How to test the security of software
  • Identifying security potential issues
  • Advanced password protection
  • Protecting networks and IT infrastructure
  • Data security
  • UK data protection law and industry regulation

Data Security & GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means businesses must process customer and employee personal data securely by using appropriate technical and organizational measures.

There is no specific mandate for GDPR but the regulation requires businesses to take ‘appropriate’ action to safeguard personal data. This safeguarding should include good cybersecurity protocols and security awareness training for employees.

Techsolve help your business manage the risk of a digital security breach to ensure you have taken all the ‘appropriate’ action to be compliant with GDPR. 

We train staff members so your business can avoid breaches in the first place, how to always be GDPR complaint when handling personal data, and how to report incidents if a breach does occur.  

Industry regulation

From GDPR to PCI DSS for ecommerce businesses, to more specific Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) - each sector has its own challenges when it comes to complying with UK data security regulations.

Here at Techsolve we’re a business first IT support company and are highly experienced in a wide range of sectors. We work with your business to ensure your employees are trained in the appropriate areas when managing personal and sensitive data digitally. 

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Our Cybersecurity Services

We offer a complete cybersecurity service where we manage your entire business’s digital security and data protection needs. Our IT experts are able to provide detailed and practical advice based on your unique IT infrastructure, allowing us to plan a bespoke cybersecurity roadmap best suited to your specific needs.

Find out more about our Cybersecurity Services.

Secure IT Infrastructure Expansion

When looking to expand your IT infrastructure you should always have cybersecurity and data protection in mind. Techsolve offers a digital infrastructure consultancy service that plans your business’s digital growth while keeping your employees trained to deal with new security risks this expansion could expose them to.

Find out more about our IT Infrastructure Consultancy Services.

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Why Choose Techsolve

Our cybersecurity and data protection specialists are not only highly trained IT technicians but also have a wealth of experience in business. This allows us to deliver bespoke digital security awareness training to employees that’s appropriate to your business sector.

Our offices are based in Central London which makes us available for in-person staff cybersecurity training for all businesses based in the Capital. 

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