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What Is an MSP?

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If you’re a small and medium-sized business or enterprise (SMB/SME) in London and you need IT support, there are plenty of options available. You could try a DIY fix or Googling ‘tech support near me.’

Then again, you may want something more robust and comprehensive such as an IT support company or a managed service provider (MSP). On the face of it, they both look alike. But there is one crucial difference.

An IT support company only provides help when something breaks or goes wrong. An MSP, like Techsolve, not only looks after your technology, but crucially, it takes a proactive approach to IT.

If you’re looking for a company to look after your technology and provide consultancy to help you thrive here’s what you need to know.

  • What is an MSP?
    • A managed service provider (MSP) provides a full range of tech support, services, and administration for a business or organisation. This includes responsibility for hardware, software, networking, security and training. In effect, organisations that use MSPs are outsourcing their IT to a third-party provider.
  • How is an MSP different from tech support?
    • An MSP may look like an IT Support company. They are both IT service organisations to which small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises (SMBs/SMEs) outsource their IT needs. However, there is a key difference —  MSPs take a proactive approach to IT.
  • Why do I need an MSP?
    • Rather than waiting for something to break or shut down, MSPs take a more proactive approach to IT. This is significant because IT-related downtime can devastate revenue and reputation — especially for smaller businesses trying to grow. An MSP such as Techsolve can also help firms plan for the future, whether that is supporting new projects, changing or refurbishing offices, or part of a planned digital transformation.
  • What can an MSP like Techsolve do for me?
    • We offer a range of IT services including:
      • Bespoke IT Infrastructure Services including IT infrastructure audits of your business’s software, hardware, and network systems.
      • We can also provide detailed IT Infrastructure roadmaps and strategies and complete IT architectural design and delivery.
      • Clear and strategic IT planning that allows you to take full advantage of new technologies — and maximises the potential of your existing IT systems — to help you reach your business goals.
      • Cost-effective IT solutions that meet your business goals in line with ROI.
      • End-to-end cyber security risk assessment to identify threats and develop a security framework that can withstand even the most sophisticated attacks.
      • Unparalleled IT tech support and 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring ensuring systems are secure and comply with best practices.
      • Manage the delivery and ongoing implementation of cloud and hybrid cloud systems for seamless office and remote working
  • How much does an MSP cost?
    • At Techsolve, we specialise in working with SMEs in London. Our monthly fees range from £40 – £100 (ex VAT) per user per month. The exact amount depends on the blend of services that are included in your contract. You can see a more comprehensive breakdown of our charges — compared to other IT support approaches such as using freelancers or managing tech services in-house — here.
  • What can I expect from an MSP?
    • Here at Techsolve, we provide outsourced, remote and in-person IT support for small businesses and commercial property owners in Central London. Our IT services cover all computing and connectivity needs, from simple helpdesk support and software solutions to complex cybersecurity and IT infrastructure consultancy. We can manage all IT needs to help your business grow.
  • What makes a good MSP?
    • We can’t speak for other MSPs, but we know what works for us and our clients. We believe in good old-fashioned professionalism, honesty and customer service. We believe in a people-oriented approach to help you solve your business problems.

To find out more drop us a line here or call us on 0203 3 970 978.

Techsolve is a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) in London. With a passion for technology and creative solutions, we deliver IT Services, High-Speed Internet Connectivity, and IT consulting mostly for small to medium-sized businesses with between 10 and 200 employees.