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Remote Working Solutions

Our team of IT experts work closely with your business to setup viable remote working solutions that enable your employees to work unhindered, anywhere in the world. 

Whether your company is looking for short term remote working options, or is planning to create a long-term strategy of operating completely remotely, Techsolve have vast experience in IT and the business sector to provide reliable, secure, and cost effective remote working solutions that are right for your business. 

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Our Remote Working Services

  • IT support for remote workers
  • Cloud software consultancy and management
  • Hybrid solutions for office-based and working from home employees
  • VoIP and video calling software setup
  • Cybersecurity auditing and monitoring
  • Our Central London based office means we can deliver in-person consultations for London businesses
  • And all your other business IT needs

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Remote Working Challenges

Remote working gives employees more flexibility, improved work/life balance, and can greatly lower a company’s overheads with reduced rent and facility costs. But creating an effective remote IT infrastructure has its challenges. The most common concerns are:

  • Finding suitable cloud-based software
  • Management of hybrid working applications
  • Digital security and effective data backup systems
  • Employee and customer data privacy
  • Effective communication solutions
  • Choosing the right hardware
  • Network management
  • Reliability

Here at Techsolve, we make bespoke recommendations that are right for your specific business needs. We find the best solutions for secure and reliable cloud-based cooperation between your company’s departments, home and office-based workers, and synergy between satellite offices.


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Remote Working Solutions

IT Support For Remote Workers

Techsolve offer dedicated IT technical assistance by providing on-going help desk support for your remote working employees. Whether it’s a simple software question or dealing with a complete system crash, we provide remote IT support to your staff members who need it, wherever they are working from.

Our highly experienced IT support team can also greatly reduce the risk of issues happening in the first place with our Managed IT Services. By monitoring your IT infrastructure 24/7, we can remotely detect potential technical faults occurring within your cloud-based software systems and take steps to prevent issues arising before they cause problems.

Find out more about our Managed IT Services

Cloud Software

From Office 365 to project management apps, there is a huge range of cloud software solutions to choose from for your remote workers. Here at Techsolve, our IT engineers also have vast experience in a wide range of business sectors, allowing them to make knowledgeable recommendations on the very best cloud software for your company. 

We manage the entire installation and migration process for you, ensuring that all your IT systems are compatible, safe, and securely backed-up so your remote employees can be as productive as if they were in office.

Find out more about our Cloud Business Solutions

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Popular Remote Working Business Software

Techsolve work with you to find the most useful software for your unique remote working needs. The most common apps include:

  • Slack: Remote working messaging tool that makes it easy to organize communication between coworkers stationed across multiple sites.
  • Basecamp: Simple to use project management tool so remote workers can easily share ideas, update on progress, and manage multiple projects.
  • Dropbox: Invaluable cloud-based file sharing tool that syncs in real-time so teammates always have access to the latest, most up to date documents.  
  • Kickidler: A feature-heavy employee monitoring app.
  • Zoom:  VoIP and video conference calling app that makes calls, meetings, and webinars simple and accessible.
  • Evernote: A powerful note taking program for teammates working remotely that allows instant note syncing.
  • World Time Buddy: Remote working calendar and meeting scheduler with easy to use time zone syncing so meeting organizers always know time differences.   

Our IT support team can roll out the most popular cloud-based software options across your entire business and get employees trained on how to use these systems effectively. 

Industry Specific Software

Techsolve are a business focused IT support company, so we know that different sectors have very different software needs. We help your business choose cloud software that compliments your unique, industry specific software that allows for the best hybrid-working setup for remote employees. 

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Video & Conference Calling Software

Businesses have many options to choose from when deciding which video calling software they want for their remote working employees. However, this can be complicated by the requirement of hybrid telephony systems that need to work seamlessly with newer cloud-based VoIP services and legacy PBX systems.
The most common video calling apps are free and easy to use, these include:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Google Duo
  • FaceTime (iOS and Mac only)

Although these are all free, some, like Zoom, have limited options unless you choose to opt for a paid subscription.

Here at Techsolve, our IT support team helps you choose the most useful, cost effective, video calling app for your business. We also are telecommunication experts and can setup a hybrid telephony system so your traditional phone line systems support your new cloud based, remote working communication options. 

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Home Working & Digital Security

Keeping your customer’s and employee’s data safe is a huge concern for businesses wanting to rollout remote working. This is especially true for smaller companies, as cyber criminals know these businesses won’t have the same cybersecurity budgets of larger corporations. 

Techsolve take cybersecurity very seriously. We only recommend software that we know is secure for remote working and thoroughly test your network for weak spots. 

We also provide digital security awareness training for your employees and take them through online protection safeguards and cybersecurity best practices, including:

  • Using secure passwords
  • Identify email scams
  • Spotting computer viruses
  • Using company software safely outside the office

Find out more about our Cybersecurity Consultancy Services

Why Choose Techsolve

We have been helping small businesses and commercial property owners in Central London since 2006. Our dedicated IT support team has vast experience across a wide range of industries and always provide bespoke IT advice that’s right for your unique business needs.  

On-Site Consulting & Implementation in London

As we are based in Central London we can provide in-person consultancy as well as on-site implementation of remote working software for businesses located in the Capital. .  

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