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How we work


The way we work with you to get you up and running is what sets us apart from other managed service providers out there.

Our 9 steps to get you up and running

Here's an insight into the typical steps we carry out to make the onboarding process as seamless and pain free as possible for new customers.

1. Listen

We’ll meet you for an informal, no-obligation chat about your business and your goals.

2. Check

If required, we can perform an IT & Security Audit to understand the health of your network.

3. Propose

No, not on one knee. But if you think you might enjoy working with us, we’ll send you a proposal detailing how we can help.

4. Promise

Like our proposal? We’ll sign a formal agreement for providing our services.

5. Prioritise

We’ll then outline details and timescales for the getting you up and running.

6. Organise

We’ll install the management tool onto your systems and devices.

7. Greet

We’ll send out a welcome message to introduce ourselves to your staff.

8. Train

We’ll sit down with your staff to help them become more productive and security-aware.

9. Deliver

We’ll provide you with ongoing proactive support and strategic advice.

Ready to Get Started?

Let's chat about how we may be able to help you