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Digital Transformation Consultancy in London

Here at Techsolve we provide a wide range of digital transformation consultancy services that help organize your business’s current IT systems and make bespoke recommendations about which technologies you should invest in. Our expert IT consultants are highly experienced in the world of technology as well as business, allowing for practical strategies that put your company’s unique goals first.  

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Our Digital Transformation Services

  • Bespoke digital transformation consultancy based on your business needs
  • Auditing of your current IT infrastructure
  • Digital technology rollout roadmaps
  • Cybersecurity measures
  • Telecommunications
  • Risk and compliance overviews
  • Backup and storage migration
  • Cloud computing
  • Employee training outlines
  • Our Central London office means we can deliver onsite support when needed for London based businesses
  • And all your other business IT needs.

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Why IT Transformation is Important

From improving employee productivity to increasing customer satisfaction, businesses are always looking for solutions to evolve. This need for evolution is even more vital in the digital space. Having an IT infrastructure that supports the latest technologies helps your business grow through flexible cloud computing and remote working solutions, more efficient telephony services, more reliable backup and disaster recovery options, and more advanced digital security.

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Our Approach to Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation consultants are expert IT technicians who have a wealth of experience in a variety of industries. This allows them to offer bespoke digital strategies that are practical and aligned with your business’s unique goals. 

What to expect when you work with us

Step 1: No obligation discussion

We talk to you to discover your business goals and unique challenges without any obligation to take on our digital transformation service if you don’t feel we can help.

Step 2: Auditing

We analyse your IT systems and infrastructure to discover what needs improving, what can be streamlined, and if there are any vulnerabilities in your digital security.

Step 3: Roadmaps

We deliver a detailed breakdown of timelines for delivering your digital transformation department by department.

Step 4: Budgeting

We can show you clear costs of the transformation so you know the budget well in advance.

Step 5: Implementation

Our IT experts are able to rollout all the recommended changes we outline in auditing.

IT Transformation Implementation

From software installs to a complete reworking of your network infrastructure, after your initial digital transformation consultation and discovery period, our IT experts get to work with implementing the changes your business needs to thrive. 

Software and remote working applications

We can recommend and rollout software that’s more efficient, reliable, and secure. Improve productivity between departments as well as between office-based employees and remote workers with cloud based applications that are right for your business.
Find out more about our Business Software Services

VoIP migration 

If your business’s daily communications are still reliant on legacy PBX systems we can help you migrate over to more flexible VoIP services. From a full migration to an internet only telephony systems, to a hybrid system which brings landline and cloud systems seamlessly together, our highly experienced telecommunication technicians can deliver a completely bespoke system that’s right for your business.

Improved office connectivity

Is your office’s broadband providing a reliable enough connection for your business needs? We can audit your current internet connectivity to ensure your daily productivity isn’t being bottle-necked and can help you expand. We also can setup new Wi-Fi routers to ensure you have secure, robust, and fast wireless internet across your whole building.

Find out more about our Business Internet Connectivity Services

Digital security

Your digital transformation plan can only be effective if you have a detailed digital security strategy. Our IT experts have years of experience with cybersecurity protocols and can deliver effective digital security measures that can withstand even the most sophisticated attacks. 
We also ensure that your business is GDPR compliant with the latest UK data protection laws and provide cybersecurity awareness to employees.

Find out more about our Cybersecurity services.

Data management and storage 

Your business’s data is its lifeblood and our digital transformation consultants treat it as such. Here at Techsolve we thoroughly plan your migration to any new data management platforms to ensure you won’t suffer any data losses, and that your new system is more reliable, secure, and accessible to those who need it.

Post transformation monitoring services

Once your business’s digital transformation is complete we can monitor your IT infrastructure. This remote and onsite monitoring service provides us with a detailed efficiency report of how your new systems are performing. This also helps ensure your software and hardware remains up and running by allowing our IT support team to proactively respond to issues before they arise.
Find out more about our IT System Monitoring services.

Why Choose Techsolve

We have been helping small businesses and commercial property owners in Central London since 2006. Our dedicated team of IT experts have vast experience across a wide range of industries and always provide bespoke advice that addresses your unique business needs. 

In-Person Consultations for London Businesses

As we are based in Central London we are able to provide both remote and in-person consultations for all your IT Transformation needs. 

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