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Internet Connectivity

Whether you're a small business, commercial property owner or landlord, a fast and stable internet connection is imperative. These days, it's as important as having running water and electricity in the building. We're here to make the process of getting internet as quick and painless as possible. 

Downtown London

For Landlords

We're experts in the commercial property industry. We understand the technical and legal challenges you're facing, whether that's wayleave or the restrictive rights that code operators (for example BT, COLT) have on premises. We also understand that office tenants often withhold their rent payments or they're slow to move in because of internet connectivity issues.

  • We work with you to determine the most appropriate option for each site, ensuring new tenants can connect to ultra-fast internet in days, not weeks
  • We take care of the whole connectivity process on your behalf, ensuring a legal and technical solution is in place
  • We will then work with your commercial agents to promote your properties as "internet-ready"
SME team in their office

For Office Tenants

There's nothing more frustrating when you set your sights on a new office, than finding out the internet connectivity is shoddy or a hassle to set up. And often there will be issues you won't know about until you move in, like how long the activation of fibre internet will take or that there's a limit on the maximum internet speeds you can achieve.

  • We will advise you of the available options either within your current office space, or the new building you plan to move to
  • We will take care of the whole connectivity process on your behalf, ready for your move in date
  • We can work with your fit-out company to install the necessary infrastructure in your new office
  • We offer ongoing managed IT support services, if needed

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Why Choose Techsolve

We have been helping small businesses and commercial property owners in Central London since 2006. Our dedicated team of internet connectivity experts are on hand to identify a solution that works for you. 


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