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What Makes Working With Techsolve Different To Working With Other IT Support Companies?


At Techsolve, we provide top-drawer IT services and support for London’s small businesses and commercial property owners. It’s something we’ve done since 2006 and our approach has always been the same: to provide the very best professional IT support and consultancy that is only matched by our focus on exemplary customer experience.

  • As a customer of Techsolve, what can I expect?
    • We like to think we’re not like other companies. It goes without saying that we are IT professionals with an acute understanding of the business reasons for using technology. But we’re also ‘people’ people. We’re not just dealing with technology — we’re dealing with people who use technology to run their businesses. And we never forget that.

      Which is why when we sign up new customers, it tends to be for the long term. We take a strategic interest in our customers’ businesses. We very much see ourselves as your own in-house IT department.

      Working in partnership, we will shape your technology to be the enabler of business growth that it should be.

  • We’ve never used an MSP before. In fact, we’ve never outsourced our IT to anyone in the past. What can I expect?
    • The first thing to do is give us a call. Or drop us a line. The important thing is we start a conversation to see what you need and how we can help. It doesn’t matter whether you know exactly what you want — or if you’re unsure which direction to take. We just want to talk and understand your business needs.As part of this, we may carry out an IT & Security Audit just to help us better understand the health of your network.

      And once that’s completed — and if you think Techsolve could be the right partner for your business — we‘ll pull together a fully-scoped proposal spelling out exactly how we can help.

      You can find out how that might work with your business, please see our “nine steps to get you up and running” plan.

  • I’m responsible for IT at my business. Do you work with other SMEs in London?
    • The majority of our work at Techsolve involves providing IT support and services to SMEs in London. For us, building a strong working relationship is key to providing the very best IT support. Here’s what some of our customers have to say.“Austin and Augi are all about forging personal relationships. They understand the detractors of other MSPs and don’t leave anything to chance. They’re always checking in, adding value, taking an interest in what’s going on and making sure we’re still getting the right service. That’s really important to me.”
      Carl Hobson, cazenove+loyd’s Managing Director


      “They’re just nice people to liaise with. They’re responsive and always call back — and they’re always friendly. When I’ve dealt with other telecoms providers, they’re too big, they have their own way of working and they give you what information they want to give you, which doesn’t necessarily adhere to our clients’ requirements. Techsolve, however, will always make sure to tick all our boxes and work on our terms.”
      Richard Miles, director, Metrus

      “From the initial conversations we had with Techsolve to understand their capability to assist us with our requirements, to the present day where they have been delivering this cloud solution for over two years, we have been delighted with Techsolve’s level of skill and service.”
      Jamie Thomas, Commercial Manager, Business Delivery & Transformation at NS&I.

To find out more drop us a line here or call us on 0203 3 970 978.

Techsolve is a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) in London. With a passion for technology and creative solutions, we deliver IT Services, High-Speed Internet Connectivity, and IT consulting mostly for small to medium-sized businesses with between 10 and 200 employees.