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IT Infrastructure Consultancy London

Here at Techsolve we specialise in providing small businesses and commercial property owners in Central London with expert IT infrastructure consultancy services. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke IT infrastructure solutions and IT strategies that makes sense to you and your business. We’re able to do that because we’re business experts as much as tech experts. By working with you to understand your business first, we can be confident that what we’re recommending will work.  

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IT Infrastructure Consultancy London

  • Bespoke IT Infrastructure audits of your business’s software, hardware, and network systems
  • Detailed IT Infrastructure roadmaps and strategies
  • Complete IT architectural design and delivery
  • 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Ensuring your systems are secure and compliant
  • Cloud and hybrid cloud systems for seamless office and remote working
  • Our Central London office means we can deliver in-person infrastructure support for London based businesses
  • And all your other business IT needs.

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Business First IT Strategies

A clear and strategic IT plan plays a vital role in helping your business achieve its goals. We find the best IT strategy for your business, allowing you to take full advantage of new technologies and maximizing the potential of your existing IT systems. Our highly experienced consultants work closely with you to deliver a completely bespoke IT infrastructure that’s focused on your business’s current and future needs.  

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Understanding your business goals

A good infrastructure both supports your current IT investments while providing the scope for growth. We sit down with you to understand the unique IT needs and challenges of all your company’s departments so we can plan a detailed IT strategy that’s focused on your business’s short and long-term goals.

IT roadmaps

We know the importance of deadlines. All our recommendations come with detailed IT infrastructure roadmaps so you can plan your business timelines around these delivery dates and keep stakeholders updated.

Budgeting & cost effective IT solutions

Investing in your IT infrastructure isn’t much of an investment if it’s not cost effective. Our highly experienced consultants are business experts as much as IT experts and are able to deliver detailed budgets so you fully understand your ROI. 

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IT Infrastructure Audits

The overall objective of an IT audit is to identify any inefficiencies and errors in your current IT systems and have documentation of how to address these issues. Here at Techsolve, our IT audits have your bespoke needs in mind and all our technical and practical evaluations of your IT infrastructure are based on your unique business goals and objectives.

Software analysis

Auditing your company’s software that’s used on a daily basis by employees is important in verifying if these systems are efficient, reliable, and secure. Techsolve are also able to make application recommendations that can improve productivity between office-based staff and remote workers with cloud based solutions. 
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Telecommunications auditing

We take a deep look into your telecommunications to see where your business could improve communications between staff, partners, and customers. From telephony systems to VoIP services, our IT audits can make recommendations on everything from how to best use your traditional PBX phone systems to moving toward a hybrid cloud and phone line system. 

Cyber security risk assessments

Our IT security audits take an in-depth look at your entire IT infrastructure to find where the cyber risks are. From external cyber attacks to insider threats, our digital security experts are able to deliver a detailed risk assessment of all your IT systems. We can outline practical cybersecurity strategies and implementation plans to ensure your business has the framework to withstand even the most sophisticated attacks.
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IT Infrastructure Implementation

When it comes time to deliver practical results, our highly experienced technicians are able to implement the IT infrastructure recommendations outlined in the audit on time and on budget.

Infrastructure implementation covers a range of traditional and cloud IT systems, including:

  • Cabling and wiring (including phone lines)
  • Setting-up Wi-Fi routers for full wireless internet coverage in your office
  • Installing software including operating systems, business applications, and anti-viruses
  • Installing hardware components including computers, servers, and data centers
  • Network devices and mainframes
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data management and compliance
  • Telephony and VoIP communication systems
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure
  • And all other IT needs

We will be able to oversee the entire operation and even manage third parties when needed (like broadband providers and building managers) to ensure everything goes smoothly.


System migrations cover everything from upgrading old software, to how data is stored. These migrations can be risky and so here at Techsolve, system migration is only handled by our most trusted technicians to ensure a quick and error-free process. 

IT infrastructure support services

Techsolve’s team will be on-site for all Central London based businesses to physically install all IT systems and will be able to deliver in-person IT infrastructure support when required. 

Digital security

Your digital transformation plan can only be effective if you have a detailed digital security strategy. Our IT experts have years of experience with cybersecurity protocols and can deliver effective digital security measures that can withstand even the most sophisticated attacks. 
We also ensure that your business is GDPR compliant with the latest UK data protection laws and provide cybersecurity awareness to employees.

Find out more about our Cybersecurity services.

Data management and storage 

Your business’s data is its lifeblood and our digital transformation consultants treat it as such. Here at Techsolve we thoroughly plan your migration to any new data management platforms to ensure you won’t suffer any data losses, and that your new system is more reliable, secure, and accessible to those who need it.

Post transformation monitoring services

Once your business’s digital transformation is complete we can monitor your IT infrastructure. This remote and onsite monitoring service provides us with a detailed efficiency report of how your new systems are performing. This also helps ensure your software and hardware remains up and running by allowing our IT support team to proactively respond to issues before they arise.
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IT Infrastructure Monitoring

We are able to remotely monitor your entire IT infrastructure to collect data and provide a detailed understanding of overall system performance and resource efficiency. This monitoring service also helps ensure your applications remain up and running by allowing us to proactively respond to issues as they arise.
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Why Choose Techsolve

We have been helping small businesses and commercial property owners in Central London since 2006. Our dedicated team of IT experts have vast experience across a wide range of industries and always provide bespoke advice that addresses your unique business needs. 

In-Person Internet Servicing for London Businesses

As we are based in Central London we are able to provide both remote and in-person support for all your IT infrastructure needs. We monitor your applications to prevent downtime occurring and make in-person visits to your London office when hands on IT assistance is required.  

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