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Granular Restores – The Smarter Way to Recover Data

Image of a library, representing dataHave you ever used a sledgehammer to open a small nut?

You probably haven’t, but you get where we’re going with this.

If you’ve lost your whole system and need to recover everything at once, most backup tools have you covered. However, if you need to recover one specific file or folder without having to restore your entire server, a lot of tools will leave you dissatisfied.

Whether a single file has been corrupted, or worst-case situation, you’ve been targeted by a cyber-threat, there is rarely an easy way to retrieve back just that one individual file.

You’ll end up spending ages restoring the entire business system, needlessly rebooting all your data back to how it was in the past, or worse, a week beforehand. This could resulting in the loss of all the new and updated files that were created during that time frame unless you were to undergo a process of saving and moving all the documents you were aware had been changed, then re-uploading them once the restoration was complete.

Is individual file restoration possible?

Yes, it’s called Granular Restore or Granular Recovery; a missing feature on many leading backup vendors’ solutions.

Granular Restore allows you to recover individual files which were lost due to unintended deletion, corruption or via a cyber-attack. Gone are the days you must complete a full system recovery to restore one file.

Users can now search for and select files for recovery while the rest of the backup data pile remains intact. This enables you to access deleted files in seconds, rather than hours or even days.

Want to get the best protection for your business?

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