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Don’t Place Your Business At Risk By Only Having One Source of Backup

image representing cloud backupThe days of taking external hard drives home are gone

Your business remains at risk from data corruption ransomware if your only backup is a local external hard disk or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. If one of these incidents occurs, data across all devices on your local network will be infected leaving you with corrupted data and no recovery point. Your business is then at risk, not only from a reputational perspective but also as GDPR states you must have a secure offsite data backup.

A frightening fact is that 70% of companies that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months.

What do you recommend we do?

In order to be effective in business today not only do you have to store and process vast amounts of information, but you must also defend it as well. Follow the simple yet effective best practice of the 3-2-1 Backup rule – this can help to protect your business and its valuable data from disaster scenarios.

Or, the best next step? Protect your business with a dedicated cloud backup!

Duplicating your data offsite to a cloud-based backup platform, for example, is a secure and automated way of ensuring your critical data is protected offsite. An automated backup schedule which best fits your business needs can be agreed. Backup versions can be stored for up to a year or longer, giving you confidence that your business systems can be soon back to the last secure recovery point if disaster strikes.

What are the advantages of cloud backup?

Given the severe implications stated in the GDPR blog we recently published, the core advantage will be the peace of mind you will receive from operating with a secure, offsite data backup.

You’re much better off having data offsite than in-house. It is far more liable to corruption and hacking on your network than if it is stored remotely in the cloud where it’s encrypted.

Your cloud backup is proactively managed and monitored by your IT provider, so you can focus on running your business.

Want to get the best protection for your business?

Here at Techsolve, we work hard to understand our clients’ business and applying the most appropriate technology to match their needs.

If you would like a free brief chat to discuss your operational challenges and to explore the potential threats to your business, please get in touch today – 0203 3 970 978 or drop us a line