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Now is the winter of your IT discontent

Sad looking woman in wintery scene

“Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York”

Shakespeare’s Richard III, 1594.


Summer is over. Autumn is here. The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting wetter, colder, and longer. With the change in season can often come a change in mood, as we become more tuned in to all the things that aren’t right – like your IT service provider perhaps?

If you’re 3-6 months or more into a relationship with many of our IT managed support services peers this is very often about the time you start to become acutely aware that they’ve dropped the ball. What started out full of promise and proactivity has faded like the Summer sunshine and there’s just not the same level of care there once was. Your issues start taking much longer to get resolved. You feel more like a number than a valued customer. You’ve got trapped in the cycle of disappointment.

So back to the elephant in the room – what’s that Shakespeare quote got to do with IT managed services I hear you ask?  Well, on a surface level nothing, but hold on a minute. In this famous quote, Shakespeare is using the Summer/Winter weather as a metaphor to express the idea that we have reached the depth of our unhappiness and that better times are ahead.  And by reading this blog, that couldn’t be truer, because it means you’ve found Techsolve.

Our IT managed services are technically sound as well as being grounded in good old-fashioned professionalism, honesty and straight-talking. Because of that foundation, we are successfully breaking the cycle of disappointment and frustration for many of our delighted long-term customers.

When you’re buying IT managed services the actual technology is only part of the equation. Any service is only as good as the people providing it. And it can often be the people skills and human connection that makes the biggest difference in creating a valuable and satisfying strategic partnership.

Relationships are so pivotal to business success. Are the people you’re dealing with fully paid-up members of the “boring-confusing-and-hard-to-communicate-with-technical-expert” club, or have they got real people skills that tell you they truly care about doing a good job? Do they just communicate in jargon and buzzwords or are they straight-talking people who you feel like you’re having a genuine conversation with?

Ultimately you want to feel confident that any IT service provider you’re working with is accessible and easy to work with. How quickly and professionally your provider deals with you now is a good indicator of how well they will deal with your tickets and issues. Don’t get cast off on to semi-competent juniors! You deserve to have your provider’s founder or someone from the leadership team showing a personal interest in you and your business.

Don’t be discontented with your IT this Autumn and Winter. Let us send your IT woes on a one-way ticket to North Korea and make every day feel like the start of Spring. Why not use our London small business owner’s guide to buying IT to get you started on your journey?