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How Do I Protect My Business From A Cyber Attack?

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Thousands of small businesses in London continue to be at risk from malicious attacks because they don’t have the right cyber security in place. In some cases, SMEs rely on security products designed for the consumer market rather than business-grade cyber-security solutions.

As a managed service provider (MSP) providing IT support and cyber security services to SMEs in London, we know how to protect your business.

  • How do I protect myself from a cyber attack?
    • The first thing to do is to take an in-depth look at your entire IT infrastructure and online assets to assess current vulnerabilities and risks. Once we’ve carried out a thorough risk assessment of your IT systems, we can outline practical cybersecurity strategies and implementation plans. Techsolve’s round-the-clock cybersecurity management solutions including — our 24/7 network monitoring tools — are a vital part of the security cover we provide.
  • What kinds of security threats am I likely to face?
    • Phishing Attacks - this is when a ‘bad actor’ or cybercriminal tries to trick people into clicking on a link — perhaps in an email — that may result in malicious software being downloaded and infecting systems.
    • Malware Attacks - this is a general term to describe all kinds of computer viruses and software that are unleashed to do harm. With new malware being released each day, it’s essential to keep cybersecurity software up to date.
    • Ransomware - a form of malware, once a virus takes hold, the perpetrators demand a ransom — hence its name —from victims to get their files back. It is by far the biggest threat many businesses face, and it’s capable of ruining a business.
    • Weak Passwords - this is often symptomatic of a relaxed approach to security. In effect, it’s asking bad actors to ‘break in’ and do damage.
    • Insider Threats - even with the most sophisticated IT security in place, employees and contractors still need to be on their guard in the event of any attack. That’s why we offer regular training sessions to test IT and human defences.
  • I’ve been told that computers can never be 100% cyber-secure. What are the most critical cyber security measures I need to have to protect my business?
    • It’s true. When it comes to cyber security, it’s impossible to be 100% secure. But by implementing the right measures you can provide the very best environments and conditions for reducing risk. As a bare minimum, this means installing the right antivirus software and protocols to protect users, data and networks including device patch management. We also look at endpoint security, which is all about securing devices at a more granular level. Here, we incorporate email and web filters, application whitelisting, intrusion detection and managed threat response. These are solutions that are often overlooked by small businesses. At Techsolve, however, our security audits cover the entire IT estate. While these are all designed to prevent a breach, it’s essential to have business continuity solutions, backup and disaster recovery in place should the worst even happen.
  • How does an MSP protect me from cyber threats?
    • As a trusted MSP, Techsolve can cover your entire company’s IT security needs. It’s like having a dedicated IT department to keep your business protected online — without costly overheads. We advise that your data is backed up regularly so that it can be restored quickly in the event of a disaster. We also ensure businesses are protected against data loss from cloud-based software such as Office 365, G Suite or Salesforce. We also put measures in place to allow the swift recovery of any emails or files you lose as a result of user error, malicious activity, or vendor outages.
  • What protection can an MSP provide if I suffer a security incident?
    • As a responsible MSP, we monitor your networks and servers 24/7 helping keep your business online and safe from a range of cyber risks like ransomware, data leaks, malware, phishing scams and more. Our managed cybersecurity service provides regularly scheduled audits to ensure all of your business’s software and firmware is kept up-to-date to prevent vulnerabilities. And our ongoing cybersecurity management solutions also provide protection for staff working from home (WFH) or at other times when they are out of the office. All these things are put in place to minimise risk. In the event of a security breach, our technology and team of experts work to minimise the impact and carry out necessary remediation to prevent the incident from happening again.  Once this has been successfully completed, we then bring all the systems back online. As part of our service we also carry out root-cause analysis to help understand how the breach occurred and identify any learnings.
  • How can I protect my employees from falling victim to an attack?
    • We deliver corporate-level security awareness training to all employees. It is important that staff are fully aware of online protection safeguards and cybersecurity best practices. Staff are taught important digital security measures, including:
      • Using secure passwords and data protection
      • Identify email and phone phishing scams
      • Spot computer viruses, malware and other online threats
      • How to use company software and hardware safely outside the office
      • Report incidents to help safeguard co-workers While there is no substitute to having the right cyber security in place for IT systems, it’s also vital that security is at the forefront of employee minds to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.
  • Who is most likely to fall victim to an attack?
    • Thinking that ‘it won’t happen to you,’ or ‘you’re too small to be targeted,’ is simply foolhardy. Every single business is at risk from a cyber attack. That’s why it’s important to take action now. An audit will identify weak spots and help to identify a strategic approach to implementing comprehensive and long-term security. From strategy planning and final implementation to training for employees, Techsolve helps keep your IT systems safe from online threats.

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