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Understanding the commercial property world — the key to our success with Metrus

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Commercial property company Metrus is one of London’s leading independent property advisors. “Comprehensive expertise. Tailored service. Exceptional market insight.” That’s the company’s strapline. Clearly each one of those statements could be undone in one fell swoop if the internet or telephony Metrus provided in its buildings weren’t up to scratch. And so, we knew we had a lot to live up to when we first started working for them.

A fortuitous meeting

Metrus first met us when one of its building tenants on Frith Street in London (not Ronnie Scott’s unfortunately) needed faster and more reliable internet connectivity. We worked with that particular tenant, Metrus and the landlord to organise wayleave and the necessary documentation before engaging with internet service provider Luminet to install ultra-fast internet connectivity. All in a short space of time and everything according to plan.

After that successful project, Metrus started using us to sort out the telephone connectivity within one of its buildings in Moorgate, which also came with a complicated “internet of things” (IoT) setup. Since then, we’ve developed a strong relationship with Metrus and we are now a go-to partner for technology-related work for its buildings around London.

Standing out among the big boys

Richard Miles, director, Metrus, said: “I deal with a lot of these wayleaves — with BT, Virgin, and other big internet service providers. The process should be fairly straightforward, but nine times out of 10, it’s pretty draining. The process of dealing with Techsolve made it as simple as it should be.

“Techsolve made sure to go through the whole process from start to finish meticulously, including ensuring all the documentation was in order, covering health and safety matters, asbestos docs, and so on. Everything went through very quickly and seamlessly. They did everything we needed. I just remember thinking ‘wow, every process should be like this’.”

Metrus also understands that its main business is to manage a portfolio of buildings — and not waste time on technology. That’s our job. Richard also commented on that saying: “Without them in situ, I would find it difficult to find the time to move anything forward internet wise.”

A blossoming relationship

When asked what Metrus likes most about working with Techsolve, Richard said: “They really understand the process from the landlord’s point of view, and they understand the market very well. Getting the documentation and plans right is paramount because we’re in a tightly regulated industry.”

“They’re just nice people to liaise with. They’re responsive and always call back — and they’re always friendly. When I’ve dealt with other telecoms providers, they’re too big, they have their own way of working and they give you what information they want to give you, which doesn’t necessarily adhere to our clients’ requirements. Techsolve, however, will always make sure to tick all our boxes and work on our terms.”

photo of Richard Miles
Richard Miles, Director, Metrus

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