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White Marble

How trust lies at the heart of Techsolve’s relationship with an award-winning financial marketing consultancy

White Marble is a fast-growing London-based financial marketing consultancy for the wealth and asset management industry. Its team of marketing professionals work with investment managers in the UK, Europe, and the US to deliver best practice in investment marketing.

Like any business involved in financial services, information and data security is a core part of White Marble’s business. Not only is it important to clients, it’s also a priority when it comes to reputational management and business growth

Great IT support is crucial

“Because we work with innovators in our industry, having access to good technology and great support is a must,” explains White Marble Managing Director Andrew Scott.

“We’re working across London, Boston, New York – plus everyone working from home – so having access to great support to keep all that running is really important to us,” he says.

There’s a real emphasis on cybersecurity and keeping one step ahead of bad actors trying to breach systems for financial gain. Over the last three or four years Techsolve has introduced a number of security layers, each time designed to add another layer of protection. And that doesn’t just lie with the technology itself – it also means an ongoing training programme for White Marble staff to ensure they’re aware of the latest threats and they’re adhering to the strictest security protocols.

Proactive support identifying issues before they arise

It’s the kind of attention to detail and understanding that has helped Techsolve become a trusted partner for White Marble, by not only responding to their day-to-day needs but proactively identifying and addressing issues as they arise. But that’s not always been the case.

“We did have an IT support company before we took on Techsolve,” recalls Andrew. “It just turned out that they were really terrible. Their support was awful. They weren’t proactive. They weren’t keeping track of things. In the end, we had no real faith in them.”

But that changed when they were referred to Augi and Austin, the driving force behind Techsolve.

“They came across as incredibly honest supportive people who we knew would look after us. And that’s exactly what’s happened.”

The importance of a trusted partner

For Techsolve, it’s meant looking after the day-to-day tech health of the business while also preparing to implement more business-focused projects.

That’s included revamping White Marble’s London office with dual screens, docking stations and professional Mac equipment for the creative team. They also advised on hardware, software, and networking – and took care of all the logistics including ordering, delivery, and installation. All of which had to be achieved while factoring in the highest levels of security.

The working relationship between White Marble and Techsolve has reached such a level that when it comes to IT, Andrew has one less thing to worry about. Which is just as well since they have ambitious plans.

A partnership built for growth

“We’re growing our business in North America,” he tells us, “So we’ve talked to the guys about getting US time zone tech support to help our work across the pond. It’s a big project – but so was supporting our business during the pandemic.”

What’s clear is that White Marble and Techsolve have a relationship that transcends a client / supplier contractual agreement.

“That’s ultimately what it all comes down to – working with someone fundamentally trustworthy – and knowing that whatever issues come along, together, we’ll work them out,” he says.”

Andrew Scott, Managing Director, White Marble

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