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Who We Are

About Us

Techsolve provides unusually great IT services and support for London’s small businesses and commercial property owners — giving you the technology you need to succeed. Since 2006, we’ve broken the cycle of disappointment and frustration of working with IT companies, and now our long-term customers stay with us thanks to our good old-fashioned professionalism, honesty and customer service.

photo of the Techsolve directors

Meet the main guys behind the Techsolve business and vision

photo of Augi Woo

Augi Woo - Founder & Director

Techsolve founder Augustine, or Augi (pronounced Oggy) for short, began his career in IT in 2000 when he undertook both in-house and freelance roles for large media production companies in central London. Augi founded Techsolve in 2006 with the vision of taking the headaches of IT away from small businesses. He is a highly approachable and friendly guy who can convey technical information without drowning his audience in jargon. Augi holds a BEng in Environmental Engineering from Brunel University. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children.


Austin Awadzi - Director

Austin has over 25 years commercial experience in the tech and telecoms sector. He has held sales and operational roles in both blue chip and start-up organisations. Austin is a graduate of the University of Brighton, where he received a BA (Hons) in Computing & Information Systems. He is married, with two children and lives in Worcestershire. He has several interests, which include being an active member within his local church, a charity trustee, fitness and doing stuff that makes a positive impact.

Together our combined business-oriented and people-oriented approach to managed IT support and consultancy will have you see us as your own in-house IT department. We, in partnership with you, will shape your technology to be the enabler of business growth that it should be.

We pride ourselves on what makes us different to other IT companies out there. By comparison, we are:

photo of team discussing a problem

Business problem solvers

We know that running a small entrepreneurial business, particularly in the current climate, is a continuous exercise in creative problem solving. After all, we’re running our own small business too! But if you only have a hammer you tend to see every problem as a nail. But we start by assessing the job at hand before deciding on the tools for the job — hammer or otherwise. We’ll listen, ask the right questions, be agile and creative to your needs — and genuinely care about the outcome.

photo of female team member smiling at desk


We’re not ones for sweeping generalisations but in this case, we can make an exception. Anybody that’s ever had to deal with a technology “expert” has probably come across a frustrating issue — the so-called expert’s lack of people skills. They’re too caught up in knowing their technology inside out to the detriment of truly understanding the person they’re talking to and the business challenges they’re facing. It’s not just politeness or the ability to listen. Technology experts have a habit of being boring, confusing, technical and hard to communicate with. Not us. We’re people people by nature. We started off in the tech recruitment world, really getting to know how people work as well as technology. It’s what sets us apart from other managed service providers out there — our clients like working with us because we’re friendly, we’re nice, we listen, and we care.

Team members talking at desk

Straight talkers

We understand that IT dependent small businesses just want the headache of their day-to-day challenges taken away. They want their lives made easier and their tech problems solved without being taken for a ride. We don’t think that’s too much to ask. At Techsolve we won’t baffle you with buzzwords. We won’t bulldoze you into big IT investments you don’t need. We won’t forget those personal touches that matter most. What we will do is communicate — openly and frequently. We’ll set realistic expectations and deliver on our promises. We’ll give you options and ideas to de-risk investments. And as well as solving the problems you face today; we’ll strive to pre-empt and prevent potential issues that could arise in the future as you grow and scale.